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Negative reps, or eccentric reps, as they are sometimes called use the lowering portion of the lift. Since  you can lower significantly more weight than you can raise,  you can do negatives with much more weight than normal, or after a set of positive reps to failure. These must be done with a training partner who will help lift the weight back to the starting position.

To start, do a thorough warm-up and do a few sets of the chosen exercise, say, "bench press".  Load on 10 or 20% more weight than your maximum and have your partner ready to help.  Lift the weight off the supports and slowly lower it to your chest.  As soon as the weight touches your chest your partner will pull it back to the starting position, then you slowly lower it again. 

These can also be done at the end of a normal set:  Do as many reps as you can by your self and then do a few negative reps with your partner helping.

Negatives are very intense as you will use weight that you've never used before and they have a reputation for producing extra sore muscles for the next day or two.  They should only be done about every two weeks for a particular body part.

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Blast those muscles with negative reps!!!


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