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Strip Sets

Strip sets, or drop sets, as they are also known are one of the best ways to increase intensity and get new growth.  After a regular set, even if you go to failure, you can still do more if you use a lighter weight.

How to: Strip sets should be done on the last or second last set of a bodypart and only about once a week, or every second workout. This is best done with a partner to help strip the weights off. Start with a heavy weight that you can get around 4 - 6 reps with and do as many as you can, then strip about 10% of the weight off the bar and do as many reps as you can with that weight, then strip 10 -20% off and rep out again. Take about 3 minutes rest and do it again.

Another version of strip sets is called "down the rack".   This is done using dumbbells, usually for biceps curls.  You start at a relatively heavy weight that you might get 4 or 5 reps with, go to failure and grab the next pair of dumbbells.  Keep doing this until you get to the lightest weights (10 or 20 pounds) and you'll be amazed at how heavy they feel!

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