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Mass Gaining Routine
This routine will pack on pounds of lean muscle in a very short time.

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Mass Routine
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The Routine!

Day1:  Back, Chest, abs
Day2:  Biceps, Triceps, Calves
Day3:  Off--can do cardio
Day4:  Shoulders, Legs (Quads and Hamstrings)
Day5:  Off--can do abs and/or cardio
Day6:  Off, or you can train any muscles you want to prioritize with a short
high rep workout.
Back to day 1.

Pick 2 compound exercises and one isolation exercise for the larger
bodyparts (chest, back, legs) and one compound and one isolation for the
smaller bodyparts (biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves).

Some recommended exercises are:

Back:  Pull-ups (weighted if you can do more than 15), Bent-over rows, Seated rows, Dumbbell Rows, Lat pulldowns, Deadlifts.

Chest:  Flat Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Press, Dips (weighted), Flyes or Cable Crossovers.

Biceps:  Barbell curls, Dumbbell curls, Preacher curls.

Triceps:  Lying Triceps Press, Triceps Pressdowns, Overhead Rope Pullovers, Reverse-grip Pressdowns, Close-grip Bench Press.

Shoulders:  Dumbbell Press, Upright Rows, Side and Rear Laterals, Cable Pulls.

Legs:  Squats, Leg Press, Leg extensions, Leg curls, Stiff Legged Deadlifts

A Typical Workout

Take about 2 minutes between each set and vary the reps from workout to workout (some doing 6-8 reps, some at 8-10 and others doing 10-12 reps).  Don't just go through the motions,  train to failure or one rep short of failure every set.   If possible, get a partner to spot you and do some forced and partial reps sometimes (only if you need it and not too often).  You will notice amazing results from this program after a couple of weeks, or sooner!  As with all routines, the gains will slow down after a while.   When this happens, move on to this routine for 6 weeks, then switch back.

Day 1:

1.  Warm up with bodyweight chin-ups or lat pulldowns
2.  3 sets bent-over rows OR seated cable rows
3.  3 sets heavy lat pulldowns to the front or weighted pull-ups
(non-weighted if too hard).
4.  2 sets barbell or cable pullovers

1.  1- 2 light warm-up sets and 3 working sets of Flat bench press
2.  3 sets Incline dumbbell press
3.  2 sets Cable crossovers or dumbbell flyes

1.  3 sets to failure or 15:  Full situps or weighted sit-ups if you get more than 15 in a set
2.  3 sets crunches (slow) or knee raises to failure

Day 2:

1.  1 light warm-up set and 3 working sets of Barbell  or alternating dumbbell curls
2.  3 sets Hammer curls.  Alternatively you can use  Preacher curls, concentration curls or cable curls.

1.  3 sets Lying Triceps Press (French Press). Flat bench is okay but a decline (head at lower end) is better.
2.  3 sets Overhead Rope Pullovers
3.  2 sets reverse-grip pressdowns supersetted with normal grip pressdowns (one handed or two handed)

1.  4 sets Standing calf raises
2.  3 sets Seated calf raises
3.  If available, do 2 sets donkey calf raises

Day 4:
1.  1 light warm-up and 3 working sets of Seated Dumbbell Press
2.  2 sets wide-grip upright rows (do these with a slightly wider than shoulder width grip, lean forward a bit and bring the bar to your lower chest keeping it close to your body the whole way up.  Use a fairly light weight at first until you learn the motion, then slowly work up.  Never go so heavy that you have to heave the weight up, keep it under control the whole way.  After you hit failure, hold the bar at the halfway point and do some partial reps.
3.  2 sets side or rear laterals

1.  1 warm-up and 3 sets squats
2.  3 sets leg press
3.  2 sets leg extensions supersetted with leg curls
4.  2 sets stiff-legged deadlifts

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