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These are some of the letters I have received from visitors to my site.   It's awesome to hear about the progress and improvements everyone is making so I thought I would share them.  If anyone is skeptical about weight training please read through these unedited  letters.  My hope is that these  will motivate more people into getting into the fitness/bodybuilding lifestyle, and all the benefits that go with it.  Note that some have written more than once with progress updates.  Also a big thank you to all who contributed to this section, may all your goals be reached.


Ali wrote:
I've been working out for a year .... but no results , maybe because where I live there's a lot of lack of info on fitness and building ... so after months of searching this is no doubt the best SITE I've come across . Thanks a lot.

Trisha and Kelley wrote:
I just wanted to let you know that my Husband and I just finished
looking at your website. I must commend you on a job well done.
Both of us has been avid fitness buffs, but had been avoiding the gym
for the past year, yesterday we signed up for a 3 month membership
at our local Rec Centre. We had been looking for the past week
over other Fitness websites, and yours is by-far the best!..
Keep Up the the good work.

Wayne wrote:
Due to allot of hard work and big gains, (thanks to your web site!) my
parents have taken a big interest in my weight training. They both now
want me to set them up with a routine to tone and lose weight.(5 or 10
lbs.) Do you have any routines that could help me out in getting them

J.P. wrote:
Thanks for the advice. Your web page rocks. I got a bunch of ideas
minutes after arriving. I think I will in fact try the
"Routine for getting past a sticking point"
Thanks again.

Galen wrote:
I just saw those before and after shots on your web site
and I must say that you really proved your point.
Very cool.

Chad wrote:
I would just like to thank you for your awesome site and all the great
advice. I'm beginning to rip! Thanks!

Josh wrote:
Thank you for all your advice in the past. It has proved

Bill wrote:
Hi Davin, You responded to me a few times a couple of months ago on the
weightlifting newsgroup. I respect your advice, and hope to hear from
you again.
Since I last talked to you, I started a weightlifting program...
...I have been doing the weightlifting continuously like this for 2 and a
half months. I went from 369 pounds to 336. I bought a recumbent bike
and started on Feb.1st and I do the bike everyday for at least 45
minutes, to an hour a day, keeping my heart rate between 145 and
160...I've rode the bike everyday since the first and now I am down to
the lowest I can ever remember...325. I'm 21 years old and 6 foot 3. I
started a year and a half ago at 499 pounds but lost most of that, as
well as any muscle, the anorexic way...but reading your webpage gives me
inspiration to keep on and eventually get down to my goal of 250

Stuart wrote:
Mate, thought you might like another "thanks" for the advice on your site. I've been using your program for six months now with good gains (83 kg to 91 kg); before that I was getting tired of going nowhere. 

John wrote:
I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate you spending your time on 
my questions. You have helped alot and Im so pumped to get started. I will 
keep you updated on any progress that I have had.
Thanks again

Dan G. wrote:
I'm a 40-year-old man, in the best shape(by far!) of my life, and I'm always
looking to find new ways to push my "limits."  I was so excited when I read
your recipe for fat-loss, burning up the glycogen with the weights before
doing aerobic made sense instantly!  For the last ten years,
as I've pursued fitness with varying degrees of religiousity, I've been
doing it EXACTLY the other way around, and I've never been able to shed this
little roll around my middle.  Doing your method for one week(!), I've
dropped from a 35 to a 34-inch waist, and I can see the fat-reduction all
over!  Thank you for this advice, and thanks for providing your extremely
informative web site for free.

Kurt wrote:
Thank you for your informative and quick response!
I have been implementing the training techniques described on your web site. I swear I have gained more muscle in the past two weeks than what I have in two years!!!! I'm doing the two days on, 1 day off, 1 day on, two days off routine. My reps are 8 to 10 and I only do three sets per exercise. Basically it's your described advanced routine. It's nothing short of miraculous. You have given advice to someone who's a complete ectomorph; I am now transforming my body into something I thought would maybe never happen.

Justin wrote:
I normally don't find myself emailing people for what they accomplish when it comes to assembling great info on web pages, but I found your site spectacular and extremely helpful. I just thought I'd give you a little bit of credit. It seems your helping people left and right and hopefully your info will help me out too. Keep up the awesome work.

Kedar wrote:
I would just like to say how much your web page is good. I gained five
pounds of muscle mass in the past month. Keep up the great work!

Kurt wrote:
Using the advice from your site, as I have written in the past, I have gone from a toned 143 lbs. to a much fuller looking and stronger 150lbs. I added this weight in just under one month. I'm still working out on the two day on, one off, one on, two off program. Every week so far I have been able to add ten lbs. to what I'm lifting. It feels great to be making positive progress after years of leveling out.

Greg wrote:
Hello, first off I would like to say that I love your site, this is
basically my bible for working out, I appreciate all the good advice you have.
Also, your advice on what to eat has got to be 60% of where my gains are coming from. I used to eat a VERY low-fat diet (and subsequently I have to say I was always very lethargic and skinny - DA, right?) and the portions I would eat were that which I felt one person SHOULD be eating. If I'm eating a pork chop or something I would think "One is all that I should eat." Now I'm chowing down so much food that my muscles actually are getting the fuel they never got before.
And in conclusion, the "proof" that it's working. Between yesterday and today I have received FOUR completely unsolicited compliments concerning my body and muscle from people that are unrelated to one another. Never in my life has anyone commented on such a thing. The compliments came from strangers, family, and friends. They say "Do you work out? It really shows!", and "Are you pumping iron? Your arms are gettin' big."

Of course all of this is just total motivation to keep on liftin'. It feels great. And yeah, my abdominal muscles aren't a complete six pack right now - I'm down to a three pack. But it's totally worth it to me and my abs are still flat and all. They're not sticking out. I by no means am getting a gut. In fact for the first time in my life you can't see my ribs. I think it's kinda attractive personally.

This e-mail is getting long, sorry. I just wanted to give you something back for really making my summer. Your advice, which amazingly enough was free - how often does that happen! - has really turned things around for me. I'm gettin' a total high off of pumpin' iron again. And as always, I too, have been drug free in my quests for a bigger bod. I figure as a computer programmer I need all the brain cells and natural state of mind that I can get to get through a work day!!
I check your site weekly. Thanks again, man.

Kevin wrote:
Thanks a LOT for detailing that extensive program for me, much appreciated.
I like the look of it and I can't wait to see if it helps break this plateau
that's been bugging me for over 1/2 a year now!!!

Juan wrote:
Hi Davin thank you for answering my query so fast, I was not really expecting an answer since the other persons do not usually answer me at all.

Danny wrote:
Your web-site was so helpful. I appreciate you giving us little guys some a boost.

Kevin wrote:
I am amazed at the gains I'm have made and continue to make now that I've
upped the volume of my workouts. For that I want to thank you for sending me
that workout plan, as you know I REALLY appreciate you taking the effort to
help me the way you have.

Chris wrote:
I just got done checking out your site and I must say that I was impressed with quality of the content and appearance of your site.

Saeed wrote:
I was searching the web for a website that can be helpful for an
intermediate body builder when I found your website. to tell you the truth,
I found it very helpful and rich in content. It touches every aspect of what
a body builder worries about.

Kevin wrote:
Well, here I am another month and more progress! When I weighed and measured myself this morning I was delighted to see I'd lost fat and added more muscle, it's a dream come true! In 21 years I've never witnessed the regularity of the progress I've made this year alone, and it doesn't seem to be easing up. I'm amazed at how well this stuff works, and can't help wondering where I'd be now had I chosen to listen to Mentzer.

Carene wrote:
Thank you so much for your very useful information.
It is fully understood. I am going to try those tips you gave me for now at home. But in the long run I think I should sign up with a gym.

Kip wrote:
I am a workout fanatic just as yourself. I just want to say that your
page is really awesome and it is has shown me some things I needed to
know. I appreciate your time to take e mails.

Kevin wrote:
Just an update, that routine is working wonders, I have added a full inch
on my chest and 1/4" top both my legs and arms while decreasing my waist
1/4" also. My weight remained the same, yet I gained mass while losing fat,
so I'm happy with my 222# at the moment. Thanks for sending that routine, I
really appreciate the gesture.


Kurt wrote:
I started working out again because of your web site and your advice. I follow your training tips almost religiously. I can't tell you how you've motivated me and helped to change my physique into one that I can be proud of. Please keep up the good work!! Thanks for motivating me in the past months and for all of the training and eating tips. They really work.

Gregg wrote:
Thank for the advice. Not many people take the time to answer questions in
such detail.

Marvin wrote:
Great web site. Good idea showing your routine! That way I can see how you tie it all together an form an innovative (routineless) routine.

Lee wrote:
I have surfed many sites but yours is one of the best. Thank you for
sharing your knowledge and experience.

Goran wrote:
Thank you very much for you advice Davin. You'd given me more
information then anyone else has for the past year. I'll start up on
that program right away.
Thanks again for all your help, I really appreciate it.

Gregory wrote:
I just wanted to complement you on this site.
I am new to working out and are trying to loose weight.
I was having trouble find info on how and what kinds of exercise to do and your site helped me out a great deal.

M.B. wrote:
I really like your web site. I've been reading all of the articles and trying to absorb as much as possible.


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