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Bodybuilding Links
Content oriented bodybuilding sites in no particular order


  • Lionstrike's Den -- Simple, but effective site geared toward powerlifting.  A good read by a great natural lifter.
  • Cabel's Fitness F/X -- Lots of good free info as well as personal training service by competitive bodybuilder.

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Fitness Links
Sites geared toward non weightlifting fitness


  • Linda Cusmano -- Fitness Competitor, Model and Trainer
  • Active Log -- Need a personalized online training log?  This site does it all for free, for just about form of training or sport.
  • -- Excellent site, everything you need to know about fat loss.
  • The Hunk's Home Page -- Kind of humorous fitness information and stories.


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Commercial Sites
Selling fitness related products or training info


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Other Cool Links


  • Buzzez -- Website directory
  • Area 51 -- Everything you need to know about aliens etc. complete with a fitness section.


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