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Davin's Bodybuilding and Fitness Pages
Davin's Bodybuilding and Fitness Pages

Gain muscle, lose fat, get in shape now!
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Updated   28/03/02
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Hi, Welcome to my  website!  This is where you will find "real world" information and tips on natural bodybuilding and general fitness,  without all the boring scientific talk.  If you want the scientific talk, or to learn exactly what makes a muscle work, see the section called "Muscles".

If you have any questions that aren't addressed in the site, you can e-mail them to me at:, or post on my message board.  Check out the Ultimate Iron board as well.  You can also ICQ me at 6248056, if you can catch me with it on.

New content added from time to time. Press "Ctrl D" to bookmark. Check back every so often and see what's  new!  Enjoy.

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What's New?

  • Oct. 22, 2001:  New diet info here on the Random Thoughts page.

  • July 14, 2001:  Some new before/after, and some other pics of yours truly taken July 14, 2001.

  • April 2, 2001:  Welcome Nicholas to the before/after gallery.

  • February 18, 2001:  Added ketogenic diet section to the Fat Loss page.

  • Nov. 21, 2000:  I've added a Max Rep chart so you can estimate your maximum lifts based on the number of reps you can do with a lesser weight.

  • International Co-operative of Bodybuilding Forum Check out the new Ultimate Iron natural message board.  This is a co-operative effort between myself and several owners of natural bodybuilding sites to present a universal message board.  Ask your questions or contribute to the board, now the best of it's kind on the web!

  • September 6,2000:  Welcome Paul H. to the before/after gallery.

  • September 3. 2000:  Same old routine getting boring?  Try the new superset workouts in the routines section can you handle it?

  • August 26, 2000:  Welcome Tonya and Phillip to the before/after gallery!  New current pictures of Cameron as well.

  • August 5, 2000:  Finally an update--New Pictures taken in the gym!

  • March 28, 2000:  Welcome Gerard and Dale to the before/after gallery

  • Feb. 28, 2000:  More detailed version of my training history here

  • It's here!!!  Here is the beginning of the Reader's Photo Gallery of before, after and current pictures!   Show off those results you've been getting, send a before, after, or current picture, or preferably all three to or  along with a short bio and I will make a personal photo page for each person.  This is not just for muscle building, but also for fat loss, strength lifts or whatever fitness goal you strived for and attained, or are in the process of attaining. 

  • Testimonials I have received about this site.  See what people are saying.  Some of these are very inspirational and motivating.

  • Post your questions or comments on the Message Board , check back later for answers!


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Going nowhere? Try some of these techniques:


Up The Intensity!!!
Everyone should read this from time to time.  Includes high intensity techniques and general rules for maximizing your workouts, diet, etc.

The Best Exercises
There are lots of bodybuilding exercises, but these are the best!

Some common questions and myth-understandings

Advanced bodybuilding secrets
For those who have been training consistently for 6 months or more.
If you liked "Up the Intensity", this section will blow you away!
Be careful though, you might put on "too much" size

Ideal Proportion Chart!
See if you measure up!


Actual transformation

Some of my typical workouts, This is what I am currently doing, with the actual weights I use.
Also see the new workouts message board

E-mail meDavin
Edmonton, Alberta

Here are some pictures of me so you can put a face to the name.  There is more in the Before/After Gallery

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