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About Me

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I've been training fairly seriously since about 1991, and off and on for many years before that (got my first weight set in 1976).  I've never taken steroids, GH, or any other type of anabolic drugs.  I do use whey protein powder on a regular basis and maintain a high meat (protein), moderate carb and moderate fat diet.  I take Creatine Monohydrate off and on as well as Vanadyl Sulphate, both of which actually do something (few others do).  See the  supplements page for descriptions and instructions for these and other useful natural supplements.  I've read countless magazines, articles, and books on bodybuilding and fitness, and have used many different training programs.  I know the exercises and techniques that get results!  I've personally tested all the techniques on this site on myself and others, and they are all guaranteed to work (increase muscle mass and/or lose fat) if performed as described. (I don't know if it's me or not, but anyone who trains with me for a few weeks makes fantastic gains, whether they're newbies or been training for years).  My training is a constant experiment, always changing, improving and trying new things.   I like to take an exercise or routine, and modify it to make it more effective. This is why I put in the "my workouts" section. My training is not as haphazard as it may look, there is a basic plan behind it all which guarantees improvements.  I make changes as I go but if you look closely, you will see a pattern to it. The basic outline is the advanced routine in the routines section. To put it simply, IT WORKS!  Since I've put up this site, I've been looking at some of the other bodybuilding sites and I may be a bit biased, but most of the others are like reading a textbook, a l-o-n-g textbook. Some have good information and others are full of crap or just trying to sell something, but none are like this one! I've stayed away from long scientific detail, (look for that on the "muscles" page) and made it quick and easy to read so you can get right to your training. I have no product to sell either as most are either unnecessary, or you can buy them at your local fitness store.  If you have any questions, or a request for content on the page don't hesitate to e-mail, or post to the message board.  By the way, that's me in the background.  For more photos, click here.  Enjoy the site!


Name:  Davin Ramoutar

Age: 38 (1962)

Weight:  Right now, between 190 and 195 lbs. --Dieting down now (Feb. 2000) currently 185.

Height: 5'8"

Measurements:  As of Feb, 2000.

Body Part







Cold flex














Max lifts: 

  • Bench Press:  365 lbs. (1 rep)  

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press:  70 lbs. for 9 reps  

  • Squat:  455 lbs. (4 reps to parallel)   365 lbs. 8 reps deep, 305 lbs. 12 reps deep

  • Leg Press:  13 plates per side (over 1200 lbs.) for 8 "knees to chest" reps

  • One Leg Press:  6 plates per side for 10 deep reps

  • Deadlift:  NEW! November/99 505 lbs.            Old:  Oct.8, 1999--480 for a single!

  • Bent-over row:  315 lbs. (7 reps)

  • Weighted dips:  3-45 lb. plates for 12 reps     NEW!  4 X 45 for 2 reps (after heavy chest workout)

  • Dumbbell Bench Press:  120 lb. dumbbells for 8 reps,  130 lbs. for 3 reps

  • Dumbbell Incline Press:  110 lb. dumbbells for 5 reps


Pictures:  Older photos  Before/After

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