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Hi, my name is Rainer Stratkotter.

At this site I present fitness information supported by scientific research.

Although science does not know everything, a critical reading of its findings
can be part of your "bull-shit detector" (Ernest Hemingway).

As a professional researcher, I am expected to spot misleading claims.

For instance, I've seen - and you probably have too - advertisers use the results of
a single, and arguably inconclusive, "rat study" to support their human product claims.
Sometimes we can generalize from non-human studies to humans -
and sometimes we cannot!

I've also seen the abuse of statistical results - people are wise to heed Mark Twain's caution that
"There's lies, damm lies, and then there's statistics."

Currently, very comprehensive statistical analysis is done by structural equation modelers,
a tribe of mathematical magicians to which I belong.
My experiences in that culture taught me how easy it is to make garbage data look good!

What I am doing at this website is sharing information which is generally supported by both the scientific community and the fitness community.

Admittedly, quite often knowledge from anecdotal evidence - e.g., "it works for me" -
is initially disregarded or rejected by scientists but later receives scientific validation.

Lactic Acid (Lactade): Effects on Muscle Function

"Muscle Memory": A Theoretical Concept Based on Athletes' Reports

Muscle Structure and Function: Text and Animated Pictures

ECA (Ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin) stack


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